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THE FADERS AND KELLY CLARKSON ♥ [22 Jan 2006|05:28pm]

[ mood | okay ]


most venue's have SOLD OUT! so good luck to the faders! :]

2 will have ... ... no sleep tonight!.

Sorry its been so late [12 Nov 2005|04:33pm]

[ mood | tired ]

a few messages from the faders posted by cherisse...

Hey guys!
We are all together again and just wanted to let you know that we've got a surprise for you all but its that much of a surprise that we're not gona tell you what it is.... hahaha.......but however, whoever spots it first post up on this thread....
Will hopefully c some of you at out children in need gig next fri!  
But for now lots a love, rock n roll & all that jazz....
The Faders  

and they also have an up and coming gig, heres a message from molly...

Hi guys,  
we're doing a gig for Children in need on the 18th November... the details are:
PLACE: Hard Rock Café, 150 Old Park Lane London
DATE: Friday 18th November
TIME:  8. 00 pm
Link to get tickets is:
Ticket price is £20 but as a special for you guys- if you go to the promo box, the password is 'insanity'.
If you type that in the ticket price will go down to £12!!
Freefaller, cookie and 888 are going to be playing too! would love to see some of you guys down there!
Love me xxx

thanks for joining the community! :)! x

... no sleep tonight!.

STUPID MISTAKE!!! [07 Oct 2005|05:23pm]

[ mood | cold ]


1 will have ... ... no sleep tonight!.

Changes; [02 Oct 2005|05:13pm]

[ mood | okay ]

There have been changes to the download track which was originally going to be Better Off Dead... here is the information that is from the main site (

"Apologies to everyone who was looking forward to the band's exclusive free download tomorrow - due to some technical issues it won't be avaliable until next Friday (7th October).

Instead of 'Better Off Dead', the track has been changed to 'Stupid mistake'- and as anyone who has seen the Faders perform this song live will know, it's one of their very best! And don't forget, it's totally free!"

so keep in mind... OCTOBER 7TH! :)! x

... no sleep tonight!.

WOW!!! YAY!!! [16 Sep 2005|04:57pm]

[ mood | cold ]

Hi there

This week, read about The Faders' exciting news Stateside, check out Cherisse's new video message and find out which advert has the coolest soundtrack around...

The Faders Sign To American Label!

Fantastic news - The Faders have been signed up to US record label Interscope! Sister label to Polydor, who the band are signed to in the UK, it's also home to the likes of Gwen Stefani and Eminem. 'No Sleep Tonight' will be the first single released and will be hitting the airwaves soon, with their debut album to follow.

The band will also star in an episode of US teen show Veronica Mars, performing two of their tracks at the high school prom. The episode is part of the show's second series, but the first series will be launched in the UK on Living TV in October, and the soundtrack to the show will be available at from 27th September.

Go get 'em girls!

Faders on US TV Ad!

You may have heard about the cool new iTunes mobile, but did you know they've picked 'No Sleep Tonight' for the first ever American TV ad? Head over to, click on 'See it in action' and then 'Watch the ads' to check it out in full.

The Faders Go Simlish!

Hear The Faders like you've never heard them before by checking out The Sims 2 Nightlife UK expansion pack - they've re-recorded two tracks for it in 'simlish'! The songs will be used in the game's nightclub scene.

Cherisse's New Message

Don't miss out on our latest exclusive video interview - Cherisse reveals what qualities she thinks she brings to The Faders! You can see it in the VIP section of the official site right now.

Will The Faders Be Phoning YOU?

Are you the lucky, lucky winner of our cool comp to win a phone call from Molly, Toy and Cherisse? Find out who's won in next week's mailout.

And don't forget, the amazing new single 'Better Off Dead' will be available to download from the official site from Friday 30th September. Keep it at for all the latest!

... no sleep tonight!.

Update [31 Aug 2005|01:54pm]

[ mood | good ]

Brand New Faders Track!

As a thank-you to the people that matter (i.e. you guys!) The Faders will be releasing a fantastic new download single exclusively on their official website. And what's more - it's FREE!

You'll be able to get the fabulous 'Better Off Dead' at from Friday 30th September for a limited time only!!!!!

Also the faders performed along side of Son of dork, freefaller and many other acts at oxfords party in the park on sunday, you can vote for the faders here... they are in the lead with 30% of the votes and McFly follow behind with 25% then freefaller with 12% then its James bourne with only 10%! and there are all the other acts on the list too... most of which have 1 to 0%! shows that the faders are simply just THE BEST eh!? hehe x

... no sleep tonight!.

BIG update! [19 Aug 2005|06:00pm]

[ mood | okay ]

Plug in & play review

The Faders
Plug In + Play (Polydor/Universal Music)

Our rating: 7/10 User rating: 8.4/10 11 votes
<input ... >

Choice Cut : ''No Sleep Tonight,'' ''Jump,'' ''Whatever It Takes,'' ''Girls Can Make You Cry,'' ''Better Off Dead,'' ''She Just Wants To Be Loved,'' ''Here With Me,'' ''You Know You Should''

The Faders have been described as Girls Aloud with guitars. But don't dismiss them as yet another girly-girl group. This good-looking trio play edgy bubblegum power-pop with lots of fresh, catchy hooks like a more wholesome-looking version of that seminal '70s band of "bad girls," The Runaways. Well, they may not look as grungy as The Runaways, but The Faders certainly have much of the same gutsy attitude as the aforementioned band that Joan Jett used to front.

Such punchy songs with big bouncy beats like the singles "No Sleep Tonight" and "Jump," as well as such tracks as "Better Off Dead" and "She Just Wants To Be Loved" are bursting with a refreshing, tough, no-nonsense attitude. There's also no mistaking the underlying take-no-crap-from-no-one, independent rock chick demeanor that's at the core of more down-tempo tracks like "Whatever It Takes," and particularly in the sugar-coated barbs of "Girls Can Make You Cry." "Here With Me" is about the closest they ever get to doing a conventionally sweet love ballad.

Just like The Runaways, the subject matter of The Faders' songs revolves around such timeless adolescent girls' concerns as sex ("No Sleep Tonight"), the desire for love versus self-actualisation and independence ("She Just Wants To Be Loved), and of course, romantic relationships with boys -- as in almost all the other songs, but most notably "Jump," "Here With Me," "Strange Boy," and "You Know You Should." Regardless of the subject matter, there's no denying the totally infectious spirit of pure, unpretentious fun and earnestness that runs throughout this album.

Plug In + Play shows that The Faders are not your run-of-the-mill all-girl pop group that's here today and gone tomorrow. These girls can really write and play really good pop songs, and they definitely have the talent, potential and drive to outlast other trendy but trivial pop acts and last a long, long time in the fickle pop music business. The Faders are definitely a band to watch.

-- Ivan Thomasz
_________to rate the album click the title_________________

The Faders were in Kuala Lumpur recently where the boisterious girls gave a thumping performance to a very small priviledge group of fans whom went ballistic with their screams of appreciation!

Singing tracks off their new album, Plug In + Play, the pretty trio also took some time to talk about their music, the origins of their band and of course, equal opportunities in a male oriented music industry.

The young lasses are also MTV's Buzzworthy mention for August, so be sure to tune in all month and give them all your raucous support!

This live performance in K.L. is an MTV Asia exclusive and we are thrilled to have the entire showcase here for your viewing pleasure! You can also catch them on MTV Asia -- MTV Presents: The Faders Live, at the following times.

MTV Southeast Asia
Thu 18 Aug, 1830hrs
Sun 21 Aug, 2100hrs
Wed 24 Aug, 1630hrs
Sat 27 Aug, 1500hrs

MTV Philippines
Fri 19 Aug, 2130hrs
Sat 20 Aug, 1430hrs
Wed 24 Aug, 0930hrs

MTV Indonesia
Sat 27 Aug, 1430hrs
Tue 30 Aug, 1400hrs

MTV Thailand
Mon 22 Aug, 1300hrs
Sat 27 Aug, 1100hrs
Mon 29 Aug, 1300hrs

* * *


Better Off Dead - copy and paste - javascript:launchvideo('pwuri=thefaders/betteroffdead.asx')
She Just Wants To Be Loved - copy and paste - javascript:launchvideo('pwuri=thefaders/shejustwantstobeloved.asx')
I Let You Go Again - copy and paste - javascript:launchvideo('pwuri=thefaders/iletyougoagain.asx')
Whatever It Takes - copy and paste - javascript:launchvideo('pwuri=thefaders/whateverittakes.asx')
No Sleep Tonight - copy and paste - javascript:launchvideo('pwuri=thefaders/nosleeptonight.asx')
Jump - copy and paste - javascript:launchvideo('pwuri=thefaders/jump.asx')

enjoy! :)!
1 will have ... ... no sleep tonight!.

Hey [19 Aug 2005|03:35pm]

[ mood | okay ]

hey there everyone! sorry for the lack of updates but there hasnt been that much going on in the world of the faders... however there is a new video message from miss molly lorenne and they have put up guiter tabs.

... no sleep tonight!.

Yay [29 Jul 2005|04:59pm]

[ mood | tired ]

the faders should be completing their asia tour and returning to the uk this weekend... they have been keeping us updated on their main site in their very own little section called "faders world"... u can read about what they got up to and see all the newly added pictures in the gallery section as well as find out what they bought when they went shopping and what they ate... ahem an ostrich lol... and how their album PLUG IN + PLAY got to NUMBER 5 in the charts! :D! so what u waiting for go over there and check it out! :)!

much love and thanks for joining up :D!

... no sleep tonight!.

The Faders [27 Jul 2005|01:22pm]

[ mood | okay ]

Since Kimmy had to unfortunately close down the very first LJ community iv made another... and i'll be going straight to kim for help hehe! bless her... thankyou kim for opening up the very first community and keeping it going so long! :]! well done! *claps!*

1 will have ... ... no sleep tonight!.

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